About Me

Hi there and welcome to my portfolio!
My Name is Khanapol Kunchorn Na Ayutthaya I'm borned in Thailand.
Many thai's got long names so many of us is given a nickname, many of them with a meaning that describes the person.
Mine is "Yai" it means big. My family felt it was suited for me since I was borned fat and healthy.
I'm a single father raising two wonderful kids a boy and a girl. I'm studying Multimedia Design at UCL in Odense.
I wanted to study this field in a long time since I like to learn all the tools that's used.
IT is a tool and it's fun when you find a way to use it to better your results.
I like to watch sports and craft DIY stuff with my kids in my sparetime. I have a long list of projects I want to do and learn all the time.
I'm a calm positive person that dons't like to waste time on silly matters.